Into the Madlands

It seems you're not the only brave fool to leave the safety of your village. Other reckless folks travel west. As far west as anyone has ever traveled is a ruined nameless stronghold, carved into the mountainside by giants. At the base of this ancient fortress is a new and growing settlement. The folks there call the settlement Westhold. It is the last civilized place before the Mad Lands.

Welcome to the Madlands

This is a West Marches online gaming experience funded by Kickstarter backers playing through the first season of Into the Mad Lands. We play tabletop roleplaying games online with other players in a shared world and for a limited time. Expedition passes get you sessions in the game world. When all the passes have been used the story has been told and the game, the season ends.

When the last expedition pass is used the season ends. The story has been told.


  In season one of the Madlands we’re exploring the world through the Forbidden Lands RPG and B/X D&D using the Old School Essentials set. Currently the game has 40+ players and 3 TPKs. 

Season Two will include campaign play options, a sci-fi setting and expansions for Forbidden Lands AND B/X D&D.


Get updates on when the new season of the Madlands launches and other Madlands news.

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